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July 7, 2020

Coping mechanisms for anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

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COVID-19 and the lockdown has impacted us all in different ways. To learn coping mechanisms if you have suffered or know anyone that has, with mental health concerns, hear from Samantha Foy from Vaultex, who shares her journey on coping with anxiety.

My anxiety has decided to visit thanks to COVID-19 and the lockdown.

I’m currently working from home and sometimes I can feel isolated during the day as my husband is a front line worker and still needs to go to work.

I’m also on HRT patches as I’m postmenopausal however recently, I’ve been informed that there are supply issues and I’m unable to get any of the Combi HRT patches. So I’ve now no HRT patches for the foreseeable future. An added complication is that I’m unable to take the HRT tablets due to a genetic condition I have.

This has further increased my anxiety levels as I’m now worried about the effect coming off the HRT will have on me both physically & emotionally. I have some coping mechanisms in place that I use to help me during the day:

Samantha’s Advice

  • I still get up early & try to keep in as much of a ‘normal’ work routine as I can.
  • I listen to the radio/music on Alexa, the background noise is great company.
  • I make sure I get out of the house at lunchtimes taking my dog Eric for a walk in the fields behind my house or along the canal.
  • I keep in touch with work colleagues & friends via Whatsapp Groups, we send each other jokes & funny things to keep us smiling.
  • I meditate – even if it’s a short meditation during the day to re-focus myself. This is especially helpful if I’m having a ‘wobbly’ day.
  • I try to keep busy, my mind doesn’t switch off so I have a few different activities I do when I’m not working to keep myself busy. I crochet which is very therapeutic & calming, I read, I’m doing a lot of the written part of a course I’m doing as I’m unable to do the practical element of it & I’m trying to learn French on Duolingo.

  • Finally, I have my PA Eric (dog) with me daily, he never leaves my side & likes to ‘help’ by sitting on the chair next to me watching me work. His company has been invaluable as it stops the feeling of isolation – until he starts barking at the postman while I’m on a call. Fortunately his wages are cheap, treats & a walk but I might need to sack him if he carries on sleeping on the job!

What has helped Samantha in the workplace is that her employer Vaultex launched a new dedicated intranet page in response to COVID-19, including resources for wellbeing, cooking ideas and resources for parents.

Samantha says,

“Thank you for what you’re doing to try & keep us sane while working from home, it’s very helpful to know Vaultex is still there & thinking of us.
I like the idea of the cooking section & the playlist of the week. Thanks you so much, you’re making a difference to me.”

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.