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April 4, 2018

Celebrating Global Day of the Engineer

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Today is the Global Day of the Engineer, a day to celebrate and honor engineers in our communities, workplaces and families.

Recent research published by our industry partner Engineers Australia identified women engineers to be most resilient in the job market. The new trend indicates an increase of women in engineering. Access to flexible working practices, closing the pay gap and offer meaningful leadership to support women in engineering were aspects highlighted in the article to help continue supporting the trend. Endorsed Employers BHP, AECOM, Schneider Electric, Thales and Aurecon were recognized for their commitment to shifting the dial on gender equality in the Engineering Sector.  WORK180 are fortunate to meet many inspiring engineers and women working in non-traditional fields, challenging stereotypes and ideas of who can do which type of work.

To honor the day, we have collated a list of engineers in our community who have shared their stories and tips with us to help others around them.

Today is special to us, it is the day we can celebrate the women in our network who continue to create change with employers who support them.

5 Tips to Advance your Career within a Single Company

Sheila Mananghaya, a Senior Project Engineer with Laing O’Rourke, has built a very successful career within the firm from the ground up. Beginning as a building cadet while still completing her Bachelor of Property and Sustainable Development (Majoring in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying) at Queensland’s Bond University, Sheila has worked her way through the ranks to a senior position over the past seven years thanks to hard work, flexibility, dedication and a willingness to be assertive and career-minded. She shares her 5 Tips to Advance your Career within a Single Company.

Read Sheila’s story here.

Sheila Mananghaya

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This Is What A Great Leader Looks Like

Melissa started out as a project engineer at a consulting firm, was offered a secondment in Hong Kong and ended up living and travelling in Hong Kong for the next 10 years, before joining BHP, where she’s currently a Maintenance Manager. In her article, she provides some practical examples of how she developed leadership skills to create high-performing and happy teams.

Read Melissa’s story here.

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Creating A Successful Career in Engineering

Jessi is a Principal Civil Engineer at AECOM. She shares her experience of working in a non-traditional industry and managing family commitments whilst working on large-scale, demanding yet exciting projects- a challenge that’s not easy to juggle!

Read Jessie’s story here.

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Turning Perceived Weaknesses Into Strengths & Other Strategies For Leadership

Lauren joined BHP as a graduate and quickly progressed her career by re-framing career limiting thoughts and developing her own, inspiring leadership style.

Read Lauren’s story here.

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3 Tips For Creating A Rewarding Career As A Graduate

Rui joined Unitywater as a graduate because she wanted to help protect the environment. Rui shares her journey and advice for other graduates looking to establish rewarding careers.

Read Rui’s story here.

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4 Tips to Accelerate Your Career and Get Promoted After Graduation

Natalie’s original career ambition was to become an Architect, however, her direction changed. This led her to study Civil Engineering and Science and gave Natalie exposure to Geology. She secured a role at BHP which saw her enjoying the best of both worlds. Natalie speaks about the challenges she faced and the steps she took to navigate an impressive career straight out of university.

Read Natalie’s story here.

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A Veteran’s Top Tips for Women Navigating Careers in Non-Traditional Industries

Kate, Group Director for Buildings and Places for Northern and Western Australian at AECOM has over 20 years of national construction experience and has held senior leadership roles in a range of Government and industry organizations. Whilst pregnant, Kate was offered an acting position which she turned down, something she regrets today. In this article she shares her top tips for women navigating careers in non-traditional industries, although we think anyone can learn from them!

Read Kate’s story here.

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WORK180 support network

WORK180 are proud to partner and support like-minded individuals, associations and charitable organizations. Some of our partners who are active in the engineering sector include Engineers Without BordersWomen in Mining NetworkWomen in EnergyWomen in Science AustraliaFemale Engineers at Monash, University of Sydney Women in Science Society, and Australian Women in Resources Alliance. Collaborating with our partners, hosting events and sharing the passion of promoting female participation and advancement is part of our long-term commitment to securing a future pipeline of women in these fields. Today we honor the people who help keep these movements going forward and your never-ending energy to promote social change!

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Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.