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May 23, 2019

How did Anywise achieve Flex Able Certification? Trust.

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At Anywise, being treated like an adult is the foundation of employment and this is written into their employment contracts.

Prior to a salary negotiation, the discussion is all about the individual’s values and what matters most to them in their own life. Anywise will prompt people to think about how to balance their work and life by telling them what is available in terms of flexibility and fluidity.

Recently, a highly qualified engineer requested an additional three weeks of leave so that he could continue to be the assistant coach for his child’s sports team, without impacting his families time or his career. For other people it is additional leave for study, hobbies or caring, or a change in working days or hours.

Core employment contracts remain the same for each person, with specific additional information recorded in a separate schedule. Once people’s time and obligations have been incorporated, the final element is a salary negotiation that takes the whole picture into consideration.

CEO, Adam Evans values his team and knows that his people are the core strength of his business. Adam wanted a fast, agile team that could attract the best talent. For this to exist, Anywise needed to be built on a foundation of TRUST. At Anywise, trust is displayed by:

· not telling people where to be to get their job done

· not telling people when to get their job done

· giving people communication tools and modern technology to get their job done

· never challenging someone’s integrity by questioning submitted time sheets

“When you challenge someone’s integrity, you undermine a high performance team environment. When the work gets done, there is no need to challenge someone’s work ethic.” CEO Adam Evans.

Adam knows first-hand how difficult it is to deliver a project successfully when a company is mired in red tape and bureaucracy, doesn’t have accessible technology and communications tools and most importantly doesn’t trust their people.

When Anywise was launched in 2014, it was underpinned by a philosophy of empowering and respecting people, and allowing them to work when and where they needed to get the job done.

“The level of understanding, compassion and empathy are amazing and humbling. I’m never made to feel guilty and know that it’s okay to say that I can or cannot take on more workload.” Chris M.

Next Anywise built a flexible working culture.

“I Enjoy Fridays off” says Peter and Jodie said that “The fact Anywise offers this flexibility and is so family friendly is the reason I am back in the workforce”.

And finally, they encoded their way of working into a flexible working policy.

Congratulations Anywise on becoming a Flex Able Certified Employer.

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.