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October 31, 2019

HSBC remains Flex Able Certified

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In 2015, HSBC made the strategic move towards creating a flexible work environment for everyone. Prior to taking on the Acting CEO role, Noel McNamara was the sponsor of ‘Nurture’, an employee resource group for people with caring responsibilities. With the intel acquired as part of this group, it is no surprise that he remains committed and vocal about the importance of flexible work arrangements in his new role.

To demonstrate the importance of flexible work arrangements, as well as Inclusion and Diversity at HSBC, Job Templates have been updated for all employees – new and old.

Sometimes people don’t take up an offer to work flexibly because they don’t know how to talk about it, how to manage it or how deal to with potential challenges that may arise, not to mention the fear of being sidelined for being seen as ‘not committed’.

To combat this, every HSBC employee has been invited to sessions to learn more about what is available, learn how to have a conversation with their manager, learn how to request and manage a formal flexible work arrangement and to understand the support that is available to them.

Additionally, this year all managers have been invited to flexible working training sessions to refresh their knowledge on managing flexible work requests and how to manage teams that work flexibly.

Flexible Working can mean different things to different people. Last year, the majority of people at HSBC believed that flexible working simply meant working from home.

However, flexible working can take many forms; from a formal change to work patterns which could require input from payroll such as a move to part time, or a formal agreed change to start and finish times. It could also be an informal flexible work arrangement where team members communicate their change of start / finish times or work location to their team as and when required to allow them to balance their work life and private life.

You can’t have what you can’t see.

As human beings we grow, learn and expand our ideas of what is possible by listening to (and reading) other people’s stories. HSBC have come up with an innovative method for getting their colleagues to ‘spread the word’ about How, When and Where they are working flexibly.

The Solution? A Competition, with Prizes!

Teams needed to make a short video on a phone showing how the team are working flexibly. The most innovative and creative response is the winner!

This is about showcasing what people are doing, and inspiring other to think outside the square.

HSBC trusts their people to get their work done.

HSBC wants you to know that flexible working is available for everyone and you are encouraged to join their flexible working organisation.

Congratulations HSBC on remaining Flex Able Certified.

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.