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June 18, 2018

Job Sharing – the new normal at Flex Able Certified BP

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BP was one of the first companies to be awarded the Flex Able Certification back in 2014. Flexible working has been embedded within BP for many years and they are now tweaking their processes for excellence rather than starting from scratch.

For example, Lisa and Lorinda have been job sharing at BP for 10 years. In that time have both experienced both life balance and career progression. They speak about their experience in this clip at 2.25 mins:

“Between the two of us we’ve worked here for 48 years, 25 for me and 23 for Lorinda and 10 of those we’ve been job-sharing,” says Lisa.

“We both work 3 days a week so we have one overlap day in the middle and we get time to manage our work-life balance” added Lorinda

“BP has really adapted and changed and embraced flexibility and agile working.  All of those things make it a great place to work and big reasons for why I am still here after so long” – Lorinda

BP wants to attract and retain the very best people in their business and once these people join the company, they want to ensure that they are respected and cared for.

BP wants their people to have every opportunity to continue with BP and have great lives and careers there. This set of beliefs and values is what continues to drive BP towards embedding and supporting working with flexibility.

To continue the embedding of flexible working, the recruitment team have conversations with hiring managers about how each job can be done flexibly.  This process requires hiring managers to think outside the square before the recruitment process begins.

“Flexible working is therefore not an afterthought, but it is built into the entire process.”

When BP advertises a job with flexible work arrangements, it is because those arrangements genuinely exist for the role.  For successful candidates, there is the opportunity to discuss flexible working during the interview process.

Congratulations BP on continuing to build on a strong foundation of enabling your people to do their best at work and outside of work!

About BP

Join Endorsed Employer for Women BP! In addition to being approved to join WORK180, BP has also received the Flex Able Certification – flexible working has been made a priority in the business! Why BP? 42% female staff and goal of reaching 30% female rep in senior roles in the next 2 years. You could take up to 18 weeks paid parental leave at full pay or 36 weeks at half pay. Evaluate BP for yourself – check out their best employer page.

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About the Flex Able Certification

Flexible working is not just for mothers returning to work but for those with other caring commitments, health reasons, sporting interests, people looking for an alternative to retirement and those pursuing side projects. Companies with the most engaged workforces offer flexibility and are focused on creating an inclusive culture where the reason for needing flexibility does not matter.

But how can you tell which employer is truly walking the talk when it comes to offering flexible work? WORK180’s Flex Able Certification helps job seekers know what companies place a strong focus on flexibility in addition to being an employer of choice for women.

Learn more about the Flex Able Certification here.

WORK180 Flex Able Certified Employers include:

About WORK180

WORK180 is a jobs board with a difference! We pre-screen employers on paid parental leave, pay equity, flexible working arrangements and much more. This information is not publicly listed elsewhere and is an essential tool in your job search when assessing employers. Set up your job alert with one click now.

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.