Top 10 Graduate Programs for women in 2024

February 4, 2024
Graduate programs for women

When the day comes for you to slip into that graduation cap and gown, get ready for a wave of excitement. Seeing yourself in the mirror, fully decked out in graduation gear, is guaranteed to bring an Elle-Woods-level smile to your face.

And to make sure no uncertainty or uncomfortable embarrassment gets in the way of that smile, here are a few quick tips about how to wear your Graduation hat (or mortarboard) when the day comes:
Try it on and make sure it fits before the day, you don’t want it slipping.
The pointed tip of the hat is supposed to sit at the front of your head.
Ponytails and upstyles can be very difficult to manage around the hat, so consider wearing your hair down, or testing your hairstyle with the hat before the day.
And the tassel should be worn on the right side of your hat before the ceremony. Then you move it to the left afterwards.

Let’s fast forward now to what comes after the cap toss – the exciting yet equally important factor to get right – your next step into the professional world.

The good news is, if applying for a Graduate Program is how you’re thinking of taking that next step, there are some great programs out there that are specifically designed to help.

Our Endorsed Employers have shared with us nine amazing programs packed with resources and support. And these aren’t just any employers; these are the champions of diversity, advocates for your professional growth, and staunch supporters of a work-life balance that actually means something.

No matter what field your degree is in, or what industry you want to build your career, these programs have got you covered.

BHP | Stantec | Edinburgh Airport | TBH | Alstom | Fulton Hogan | Transgrid | NetApp | AngloGold Ashanti Australia | Cummins


Mining, resources, & energy | 10,001+ employees

BHP expects to recruit close to 200 graduates globally in 2024, a 20 percent increase on its 2023 intake. The graduate program has been expanded to Canada and the US and now covers five countries.

But one of the benefits of their FIFO [fly-in, fly-out] work is that their graduates only work six months of the year. This allows them to explore the world or focus on their hobbies and other interests outside of work.

shannon ho

“I’ll never forget my time as a grad. Many of my best moments have been through events organized by the Graduate Committee or by the grads ourselves; such as site tours and technical forums. Through these experiences, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for my role as a process engineer and made many valuable friendships.”

– Shannon Ho, Process Engineer


What the program entails.

BHP’s two-year graduate program provides a balanced approach to technical and professional development which ensures that you’ll have well-rounded capabilities that will be the cornerstone of your career.  

The program includes: 

  • A buddy when you start – a friendly face who will show you the ropes and make introductions.
  • Access to a mentor program to establish a relationship with a leader who can help shape your career.
  • Rotations into different teams (between 2-4 times) to build technical capabilities, relationships and networks with new people, and key leadership capabilities.
  • A team-based project that solves a real-life business problem. Topics include anything from environmental issues; operational, technology, and technical challenges.
  • Your professional development will focus on building for main areas: Develop, Engage, Manage Change, and Achieve Results. 
  • Various networking and social activities through the local graduate committees, as well as in professional development workshops, technical forums, and learning hubs.
  • Technical Forums bring graduates together to hear inspiring presentations and participate in activities focused on expanding your knowledge within your technical discipline.
  • Ongoing commitment to your well-being with many resources at your disposal.
What attributes do you need to apply?

BHP seeks graduates who are adept in the essential skills of mining engineering, mechatronics, geology, metallurgy, chemical/mechanical/process engineering, and technology.

The company doesn’t require prior experience but looks for graduates who show drive, curiosity, adaptability, and the ability to solve practical problems. 

No matter where you are in the world, if you’re committed to continuous growth, curious about new technologies, and passionate about the impacts our decisions have on the earth, your undergraduate degree in engineering, science, technology, business, or health science will open up the world of opportunity their Graduate Program can offer.

Key dates

Applications open early March 2024

Applications close April 2024

And the program will begin in mid to late February 2025.

Stantec Stantec logo

Engineering | 1,001 – 5,000 employees

Natalie FaidleyWe are a large multinational company with a small family vibe. Stantec has offices right across Australia, from regional areas to bustling city centres. Our internal Developing Professionals community is a stand-out for great social events, fundraising activities, and networking opportunities. 

“And our Grad Labs are tailored towards technical and non-technical topics and graduates choose their mentor to ensure they have the right fit for them and their career goals.”

– Natalie Faidley – Early Careers Lead – Australia

What the program entails.

Stantec’s Graduate Program goes for two years, and graduates will attend two face-to-face ‘Grad Labs’—one per year. Grad Labs are delivered in one of the main centres, and last for two days. They cover Stantec-specific learning, business skills, experiential learning activities and networking. Outside of the Grad Labs, there is also a set of tasks each graduate will work through.

Grads are invited to virtual sessions from membership bodies, e.g., Engineers Australia and other lunch n learns that will be delivered to support their journey.

It is a requirement that Stantec’s graduates have a mentor to support them through the program. Stantec believes that such support covering professional and personal development is crucial as graduates establish themselves as young professionals.

The final requirement is a curriculum of LinkedIn learning content that graduates complete each year. Topics change depending on the learning need, but the current curriculums cover subjects such as time management, how to have career conversations, and communication essentials.


What attributes do you need to apply?

Stantec hires a broad range of STEM students. So, they look for technical ability in the applicant’s chosen field. But they are also looking for drive, passion for Stantec’s business, the ability to deal with change, and willingness to learn.

Extra-curricular activities are also important. They like to know if a potential graduate has a part-time job, is part of a student society or sports group, etc.

stantec team

Key dates

In 2024, Stantec’s graduate applications open on the 4 March and close on the 29 March.

They have their biggest intake of graduates at the start of each calendar year and that’s when the program officially starts.

However, Stantec still recruits graduates throughout the year so they can enrol them into the program at whatever time of the year they start.

Edinburgh Airport edinburgh airport logo

Aviation & aerospace | 501 – 1,000 employees

To our knowledge, this is the first Graduate Analyst program of its kind in a UK airport. Edinburgh Airport believes it is a unique opportunity to spend time with three different teams, taking the learning from each and applying it in a new context.

Every graduate is also assigned a dedicated mentor from a different team throughout the program who is there to support and guide them.

Christina KirkpatrickGraduates will also get the opportunity to attend Edinburgh Airport’s talent development program – allowing them to further develop their skills for a future career at the airport.

“I was keen to join a company where I could see the impact of the work I was doing, but also one where my days’ work is diverse and varied. This is very much true of the airport, and one of the things I love most about my role”.

– Christina Kirkpatrick, Graduate Analyst.


What the program entails.

In 2023 Edinburgh Airport introduced their first Graduate Analyst Program. This is a rotational program around their Business Planning, Retail, and Aero teams.

The program allows new graduates to learn about, and get practical experience on, operational forecasting, tableau dashboarding, budget, time studies, and much more.

In their teams, you can identify and solve issues as well as see the tangible results from the recommendations you make.

What attributes do you need to apply?

Edinburgh Airport is looking for candidates who have graduated within the past 18 months from a program with a strong quantitative and analytical focus.

The ideal candidate will be highly numerate with great problem-solving and analytical skills. They’re also looking for self-starters, team players, and people who have a keen desire to understand how things work and how to make them better.

Key dates

Applications for the next intake will open in March 2024.

The program start is flexible depending on the successful candidate however this is likely to be from July 2024.

TBH (Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond) tbh logo

Consulting & professional services | 101-250 employees

At TBH they say, “We build careers”.

Joining as a graduate at TBH is an opportunity to shape your career in unique and practical ways you might have never imagined. 

Some things that make them special are:

  • Their unique mentoring program
  • Various employee resource groups
  • Monthly internal and external social events
  • Permanent ongoing employment opportunities
What the program entails.

TBH offer permanent roles to graduates, with a focus on developing future TBH leaders. 

As project delivery experts, they provide specialist project management services across the entire project life cycle in Australia and internationally. Graduates gain experience in a variety of industries, such as infrastructure, energy, ICT, building and construction, education, and defence.

After completing structured training, some of the daily activities of their graduates include:

  • Power BI reporting and using data analytics on projects and portfolios (groups of projects) to communicate progress
  • Assessment of project delay impacts
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure for payment and construction schedules
  • Updating project timelines using planning and scheduling software (P6 and Visio)
  • Assisting Claim and Dispute Resolutions by analyzing information and creating summary documents for client use
  • Using Microsoft Project to develop As-Built Programs to analyze key events and activities that occurred, and comparing to the original program schedule
  • Building schedule risk models to analyze contingency required to deliver projects on time
What attributes do you need to apply?

To foster diversity of thinking and innovation, the people at TBH come from a variety of academic backgrounds. They accept applications from engineering, architecture, construction & project management, commerce, and law to name a few!

It is important for them to employ graduates with drive, strong problem-solving skills, communication skills, and a keen interest in working in a variety of industries and projects. They then leverage these skills and provide training and development in their specialist services.

Key dates

Applications are now open and will close in May 2024. You can apply via the link below or email us at

Generally, they have two graduate intakes per year, one at the beginning of the year and one mid-year. Their next intakes will commence in July 2024 and then in February 2025.

Alstom alstom logo

Transport, shipping & logistics | 10,001+ employees

Alstom’s Graduate Program provides Graduates with the opportunity to work on leading infrastructure projects, with other skilled professionals, on real and tangible projects that shape the face of Australia and New Zealand’s transport networks every day.

Alstom’s Graduate opportunities are as diverse as the business, and they offer work in Project Management, Engineering, Quality, HR, Finance, and other entry streams to the business.

What the program entails.

Alstom’s two-year graduate program is designed to meet the workforce needs of the future and develop a pipeline for students from university into fully capable members of the Alstom workforce.

The program will:

  • Provide meaningful development experiences.
  • Bring challenging and valuable work experiences.
  • Create a culture of empowerment, accountability, and trust.
  • Provide an exciting and challenging environment along with support and encouragement from a network of engaged graduate managers, buddies, and mentors.
What attributes do you need to apply?

Alstom are looking for well-rounded individuals, who are passionate about starting their career journey in the rail industry. 

Some of the key attributes they look for include: 

  • A continuous learning mindset, 
  • Good problem-solving skills, 
  • Excellent communication, 
  • Relationship-building skills, and 
  • Teamwork.
Key dates

Graduate applications open at the end February 2024, and close in early April.

Fulton Hogan fulton hogan logo

Construction | 1,001-5,000 employees

Fulton Hogan’s Graduate program is unique as it provides a tailored program of personal development sessions across 12 months. Fulton Hogan are committed to the development of their employees and their graduates are no exception to this.

Their career development framework will be relevant to your area of practice, (engineering, commercial, safety etc.). These frameworks clearly identify the skills, experience, and competencies required as you move along your career from a graduate right through to management.

Graduates will be able to see the gaps they have and the learning and development opportunities to close these gaps, as they move through the assessment criteria.

This career framework has been designed not just for Fulton Hogan but also to align with standards used across the construction industry in Australia and Internationally.

The Grad camp is also a unique feature of Fulton Hogan’s program. A three-day offsite with all the graduates nationally, where you will have the opportunity to connect with your
peers and leaders from across the company. The networking opportunities this provides with the Senior Leaders at Fulton Hogan are invaluable.

What the program entails.

The Fulton Hogan REAL Graduate Program is a 12-month program, designed to assist Graduates in obtaining teachings and exposure to various facets of their three business units: Construction, Infrastructure Services, and Utilities.

The REAL Graduate Program encompasses:

  • A tailored career development framework relevant to your area of specialism
  • Graduate handbook to help you along your journey
  • A buddy
  • Innovation project: providing you the opportunity to work with your peers and present to their senior leaders
  • Professional development sessions aimed at developing your leadership skills in the business
  • A grad camp enabling you to network with senior leaders as well as other graduates
What attributes do you need to apply?

Fulton Hogan understands that, for many, this is the first opportunity to obtain professional experience in the industry. So, they look for qualities such as communication, leadership, enthusiasm, and the drive to learn and grow. 

They look for graduates who can demonstrate a strong desire to deliver positive outcomes as part of a team, who are driven, and who can build, manage, and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. 

Furthermore, dependent on the business stream and the discipline, Fulton Hogan considers graduates with a Diploma, a Bachelor’s degree, or higher to partake in the program.

Key dates

Applications close 4 August 2024

Next program starts February 2025

Transgrid transgrid logo

Mining, resources & energy | 1,001-5,000 employees

At the heart of the national electricity market, Transgrid’s high voltage transmission network connects consumers across NSW and the ACT to safe and reliable electricity. They take a leading role in encouraging the connection of renewable generation and, more broadly, the transition to a low-carbon future.  

Transgrid offers fulfilling careers where every person is encouraged to take advantage of ongoing opportunities to develop their skills. Their people come from a broad range of backgrounds that reflect the communities they serve and bring different perspectives to different challenges. Together they play a critical role in their continued success.

Prosple (formerly GradAustralia) even named Transgrid’s Graduate Program first in the Energy and Utilities Industry in 2023.

What the program entails.

Transgrid graduates are offered a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts and develop professional skills that will help get their career at Transgrid off to a flying start.

As a Transgrid Graduate, you will undertake four rotations in key business areas with access to internal and external development opportunities to enhance your professional knowledge and skills.

Depending on your background and career aspirations, Transgrid offers a number of streams:
• Engineering, Construction and Project Management
• IT and Cyber
• Marketing and Communications
• Strategy and Transformation
• Legal, Governance and Risk
• Finance and Accounting
• Policy

As a Transgrid Graduate you will have access to:
• Starting salary package: $95,149.37 (incl. 15.5% super)
• Flexi-time or nine-day fortnight work pattern
• A structured two-year formal training program including a buddy and mentoring program
• Transition into a permanent role after the graduate program
• Opportunity to travel across NSW
• Award-winning well-being program, Social Clubs, Welfare Fund
• Discounted gym memberships with Fitness Passport
• Annual Health Checks, Flu Shots, Skin Checks, Lung Checks
• 20 weeks of paid Primary Carer leave

What attributes do you need to apply?

To be eligible for the Transgrid Graduate Program you must have:

  • Australian permanent residency or Australian or New Zealand citizenship
  • Degree qualification or higher

Graduates who perform well in the Graduate Development Program are:

  • Motivated and willing to learn
  • Able to think laterally and to provide input to innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Able to work well with others
  • Clear communicators
  • Environmentally and socially responsible
  • Appreciative and sensitive to difference and diversity

transgrid logo

What attributes do you need to apply?

Applications close April 2024

Program starts January 2025

NetAppnetapp logo

IT, digital & online media services | 251-500 employees

NetApp’s initial 90-day training program sees graduates travel to their global headquarters, based in San Jose, USA. During this time participants are immersed in a structured and detailed curriculum detailing the software, systems, and cloud technologies that NetApp offer to help shape the world today and in the future.

During this training, Australian S3 graduates will meet and collaborate with their global S3 peers attending from around the globe. 

Post completion of this course, attendees are awarded a NetApp certification and return to Australia to put these learnings into practice. Their global program offers graduates the ongoing ability to connect as part of a global network to reach their full potential.

What the program entails.

The NetApp Sales, Support, and Services (S3) Academy is a two-year global professional development program designed to help graduates fast-track their careers.

The S3 Academy kicks off with a robust 90-day training program before participants move to their full-time roles in the field.

NetApp has seen enormous success with its previous cohorts of graduates moving into full-time roles across a variety of functions including solutions engineering, partner management, distribution management, channel marketing, and sales operations.

a photo of netapp team

What attributes do you need to apply?

They accept graduates from any undergraduate and graduate university course, with an interest and passion to join the technology industry. There is no requirement or expectation that graduates come with a knowledge of technology as this will be taught throughout their graduate program.

NetApp looks for graduates with a desire to learn, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to work autonomously and as part of a team, a willingness to take initiative, and who are ready to bring their energy and fresh ideas to their new role at NetApp.

Key dates

Applications open for the S3 program throughout the year, with the global 90-day S3 program running three times per year, each February, June, and September.

AngloGold Ashanti Australia AGAA logo

Mining, resources & energy | 501-1,000 employees

AngloGold Ashanti Australia (AGAA) have your learning and development at heart. People are their business, and their business is their people. 

As future industry leaders, they recognize the potential you bring to the organization. You are not just a number – as a graduate, you become a valued member of the team.

Their workplace demonstrates dignity and respect for each other, and AngloGold Ashanti offers challenging work, highly competitive remuneration regularly adjusted to market conditions, and career development opportunities. 

At AGAA they consider learning as a shared responsibility and your personal development is important to them.

Your benefits will include:

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Access to their industry-leading Wellness Program
  • Active committees driving diversity and inclusion
  • Top Tier Private Health Insurance for you and your family
  • Performance Bonus and Incentive Program
  • Salary sacrifice options
What the program entails.

AngloGold Ashanti Australia offers a two-year, structured graduate program based on best practices within the career paths associated with each discipline. 

It provides opportunities to work and gain experience at their mines in both open pit and underground operations. They have tailored frameworks to match your career interests with their business opportunities and develop your technical capability under the mentorship of experienced professionals, all while also developing you as a leader through additional training. 

As a graduate, you complete real work while supported through your development and career progression.

What attributes do you need to apply?
  • Managing complexity and ambiguity
  • Problem-solving and continuous improvement
  • Interpersonal acumen
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Drive and ambition
  • Resilience and self-confidence
Key dates

Applications open: 18 March 2024

Applications close: 17 May 2024

The Graduate program starts in February 2025

Cumminscummins logo

Manufacturing & operations | 1,001-5,000 employees

Cummins have two programs, the Early Careers program, and their Apprenticeship program.

What sets the Early careers program is its flexibility, offering both full-time and part-time options. Participants can engage in six or 13-month paid internships and permanent entry-level graduate roles. This adaptability distinguishes their program from others in the industry.

On the other hand, the Apprenticeship program provides you with a $3500 toolkit upon commencement of the program and a two-week specialized onboarding program in Melbourne.

What the program entails.

The Early Careers program provides hands-on experience in various disciplines, such as marketing, supply chain, human resources, sales, law, engineering, and health, safety, and environment. Internships and graduate roles offer the opportunity for participants to apply their learned skills in real-world settings.

The Apprenticeship program provides on-the-job training with formal education that equips you to become trade-certified technicians and future leaders of their organization. Individuals are directly employed as either Mechanical, Power Generation, or Parts Interpreter Apprentices, and enter a 3–4 structured learning pathway.

What attributes do you need to apply?

Cummins seek applicants who are eager learners, ready for enjoyable challenges, and capable of hitting the ground running. They also looking for passion for the role and industry, a willingness to learn, and a positive attitude.

Key dates

Applications are open from 1 June for both programs, with the apprenticeship program applications ending at the end of June.

Their Early Careers program is scheduled to commence in January 2025 in Australia, with additional start dates throughout the year in Singapore.

Thier Apprenticeship program is scheduled to commence in February 2025.

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